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Eruzim ([personal profile] eruzim) wrote2009-05-20 08:24 pm


DONE WITH FINALS AT LAST! WOOHOO! *boogie* Goddamn, it felt like the semester would never end. It seems like I've been saying "just a few more days" for weeks. o.o Hurr durr.

Today is also my dad's b-day. We bought him golf balls. XDD;;; He told us he wanted this really specific fancy kind and I'm like "ASDFAGLKSLD THEY'RE GOLF BALLS! THEY'RE ALL THE SAME! IT'S GOING TO END UP AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE PAY FOR IT"


*falls asleep over keyboard*

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[personal profile] zombiecannon 2009-05-21 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
PSSSSSSH THEY'RE NOT ALL THE SAME. But they do all tend to wind up in trees, lakes, and utterly and completely lost at one point or another. XD That's true.