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Watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was fun and cracktacular and I fell madly in love with Yuki all over again. I mean COME ON.

Then I stayed up all night (stupid) reading a manga called Charming Junkie (which I picked randomly from a list |D). It is a story about a girl, Naka, who gets a really scary face when she gets nervous (it is a GENETIC CONDITION OKAY) and because of that she is turned down by the guy she likes. The guy says he likes girls with a pretty smile, like this one model, Umi. Thus, Naka promptly goes off and joins the modeling agency Umi works for. Because that is CLEARLY the logical course of action. Then she finds out that Umi is actually a DUDE with MAN BITS and he gives her a job in order to keep her quiet about it and hijinks ensue. It is wacky and adorable and I really like it and it was kind of worth staying up till 6 in the morning for.

Then I spent all today reading Kashimashi because hey, it is a manga about genderbending schoolgirl lesbians, what's not to like.


Don't get me wrong, it is a pretty great manga and I liked the characters and I even got choked up. But here's the deal; the love triangle is stupid as hell. You have Hazumu, who falls in love with Yasuna, and Yasuna, who falls in love with Hazumu. But Yasuna rejects him because she has MAGICAL BLINDNESS (just go with it). Then Hazumu dies and gets brought back to life as a girl. So now Yasuna can be with him/her, yay! BUT NO, because all of a sudden you have Tomari, Hazumu's childhood friend, who randomly decides that she is lesbian for Hazumu too! Ohnoes, now Hazumu must choose between the two girls who love him/her!

Except the feelings between Yasuna and Hazumu were MUTUAL and he/she had no previous feelings for Tomari, so wtf, why is he/she suddenly torn between them??? THAT IS STUPID. THAT IS WORSE THAN BELLA "SUDDENLY I AM HOT FOR WOLVES" SWAN.

If you want to read the manga I guess don't read this next part?


And so Hazumu ends up choosing Tomari, which is lame. And Yasuna's all like "IF SHE'S HAPPY IT'S ENOUGH FOR ME", while I raaage. I swear, it's fucking Tomoyo all over again (I mean, they even look exactly the same, I really should have seen it coming...). Mildly annoyed by this turn of events, I then found out that there was an anime version which had passed the manga and, consequently, switched the outcome. This intrigued me, so I went and watched the last episode. Yeah...Hazumu chooses Yasuna, but it was very unsatisfying, really, they didn't even kiss or anything. Bah. But here's the real kicker! There's an OVA that comes right after the end of the series where Yasuna REJECTS HAZUMU FOR NO ADEQUATELY EXPLORED REASON AND FORCES HAZUMU TO GET WITH TOMARI BECAUSE TOMARI IS HER ~*TRUE LOVE*~ AND HAZUMU JUST, LIKE, CHOSE WRONG OR SOMETHING IDEFK. It was the most contrived bullshit ever omfg. What the crap.



Okay enough random anger from me. I am super bored now and don't know what to read/watch next. Right now I am sick of contrived angst crap and would like to read something cute and fluffy where characters actions are actually consistant with their previously stated motivations IS THAT REALLY SO MUCH TO ASK

If you could reccomend something, that would be great. D8

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D8 Charming Junkie sounds like fun but that other one...

I'll pass kthx. Cute, fluffy, consistent... If yaoi's what you're after, I recommend Junjou Romantica. You can find it on Mangafox, to my indescribable joy.