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Eruzim ([personal profile] eruzim) wrote2009-06-02 08:33 pm

What is the deal with that, really

Sup mah homies. What's everyone up to lately? How's the BLISTERING HEAT OF SUMMER treating you all? It was super hot last week, but this week it cooled down a lot. 8'D I'm sure it won't last, but here's hoping. *taps desk*

It is a rare occasion when I have money to spend, and here is why: Every time I have money, things that I want to buy start appearing all around me. DDD8 *sob* What happened to all my self control? I could easily resist the temptation of new things when I couldn't afford them! >|

IF I were to snag myself an early birthday present (NOT THAT I WOULD, OF COURSE NOT, BUT IF I DID) which one should I get?

This in blue?

Or this one, red with holes, based off of a cuff I already have?


Also because it is ADORABLE here is a random pic of my cat wearing the aforementioned cuff: