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  Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:33 pm
Sup mah homies. What's everyone up to lately? How's the BLISTERING HEAT OF SUMMER treating you all? It was super hot last week, but this week it cooled down a lot. 8'D I'm sure it won't last, but here's hoping. *taps desk*

It is a rare occasion when I have money to spend, and here is why: Every time I have money, things that I want to buy start appearing all around me. DDD8 *sob* What happened to all my self control? I could easily resist the temptation of new things when I couldn't afford them! >|

IF I were to snag myself an early birthday present (NOT THAT I WOULD, OF COURSE NOT, BUT IF I DID) which one should I get?

This in blue?

Or this one, red with holes, based off of a cuff I already have?


Also because it is ADORABLE here is a random pic of my cat wearing the aforementioned cuff:



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