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  May. 19th, 2009 08:34 pm
Hard test was hard. D8 But it's done now! Now there's just the easy-peasy Crim final to take and I'm FR~EEE! Woohoo!

AHAHA, at the end of the test, the teacher gave us 2 extra credit points for writing a short evaluation of the class. Um, what's a polite way to say "you suck hairy monkey balls"? Hmm...

Bleh, I caught a cold from the kid I was babysitting on Sunday. D8 Yuck. And right after I got better, too...

Meh. Anyway. *pokes [personal profile] zombiecannon *  SUP.

Hey, anyone else want an invite code for DW? I got an extra one here. *waves it around*



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